Travel and vaccinations

A fundamental part of planning an international trip involves informing oneself about all aspects concerning personal and collective health.

In this section of the site, the main issues linking international travel with planned vaccinations are discussed. In order to reduce the risk of illness or injury while you are abroad, it is essential to contact your doctor or the dedicated clinic at your local health authority at least four weeks before starting your journey. Depending on the destination and specific travel plans, as well as the traveller's health and vaccination status, all precautionary indications for the case in point will be provided and a personalised vaccination plan will be proposed.

The SIMVIM website ( aims to improve knowledge of the risks and preventive measures to be taken before embarking on an international journey and providing useful information and contacts. The SIMVIM Team is made up of healthcare professionals, experts in travel medicine and specialists in vaccination and prophylaxis against infectious diseases.

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